Shipping Information

Shipping Information:

  1. Ordering and Shipping Schedule:
    • Weekly fresh orders can be placed from Sunday noon until Tuesday noon.
    • Shipping only occurs on Thursdays.
    • Frozen orders can be placed all week and delivery will be arranged if not falling on a Thursday.
    • Mezze items , delivery will be quoted on if it is outside of specified area, listed below.
  2. Delivery Areas:
    • Currently, delivery areas are limited to the range from the City of Cape Town center, through the Southern Suburbs, up to and including Westlake.
  3. Delivery Times:
    • Delivery times will be provided before the scheduled delivery.
  4. Shipping Fees:
    • Shipping fees are calculated based on your location and will be displayed during the checkout process.
  5. Delivery Confirmation:
    • We will send a confirmation email once your order has been delivered.